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Company Profile
Kitamura Japan has its root in“Kitamura Shōten,”founded by Sadakichi Kitamura in 1923. Over 90 years of experience in working with one of the three fundamental human desires—sleep, we have accumulated our understanding of sleep in general as well as sleep-related issues.
With our products, we are happy to offer our customers a satisfactory sleeping and waking up experience. We strongly believe that a good sleep determines the quality, energy level and productivity of each day. Therefore, we are committed to your goodnight sleep and waking “good morning!”greeting. We are confident that our expertise is valuable in assisting your quality sleep and in promoting your joyful morning.
Your“good morning!”salute is our principal goal and the perennial challenge of Kitamura Japan.

Company Name

Kitamura Japan Inc.


Feb. 11, 1923

Head Office Address

16-2 Kosaki Tokushige, Kita-Nagoya City, Aichi 481-0038, Japan







Keisuke Kitamura, President and CEO

Main Business Activities

Planning, manufacturing, and sales of MAKURA(kind of pillow)

Work Force

15 employees

Member Organizations

Japanese Society of Sleep Research No.3615


During sleep, your head turns over right and left, drawing an arc about 30 times. Our KM03J has the broad bean shape in order to assist the head turn smoothly and to comfortably support the head's sideway position. KM03J is the pillow that is ergonomically engineered to fit to your sleeping habit to promote a sound, excellent sleep. You can adjust its height according to your preference, and it is fully washable so you can maintain its cleanness throughout year.

KM03J assists you in making a beautiful arc shape while turning your head. It is
designed to aid in the natural movements made during sleep, and so you can maintain a
sideways position while sleeping. KM03J is an ergonomically and experientially sound
pillow that promotes excellent quality sleep.

KM03J image
Shape and stuffing designed for smoothing turns
KM03J is specifically designed to help your head turn smoothly during sleep. Its broad, bean shape and carefully selected stuffing materials are the result of our over 90 years of experience in manufacturing sleeping goods designed to maximize the quality of your sleep.
KM03J image
Adjustable height
KM03J is YOUR pillow. We recognize that each person has their own preference when it comes to pillow height. KM03J is designed to enable personal height adjustment and promises to become your own special pillow.
KM03J image
Made in Japan Quality
Each pillow is made in our factory in Japan. Our goal is to provide our customer as well as ourselves, who also use a pillow, with a confidence in KM03J's quality, safety and security.
KM03J image
Washable pillow
Though it is not well known, we sweat around 200ml per sleep. Anatomically, our head prefers a lower temperature than any other area of body, and thus, it is more likely to produce sweat to release the heat. KM03J is fully washable for you to be able to continue experiencing a clean, comfortable, and refreshing sleep.



Material image

Mini Corma Beads
The ball shape of Corma beads provides a point contact, rather than a wider plane contact. This reduction
in contact areas enables high air-circulation.

Elastomeric Pipes image

Elastomeric Pipes
Your neck is supported by a new
material: elastomeric, which
provides the softness is equivalent
to that of a low resilient tempure.

Panes Corma Beads image

Panes Corma Beads
This bouncy material assists
smooth turnings of your head.

Polyethylene Pipes image

Polyethylene Pipes
Very soft pipes assist smooth, soundless turnings
of your head during sleep.


Low - For women and people of a smaller build.
73*37 width depth 2-3 cm in height
Middle - For women who prefer a tall pillow.
73*37 width depth 3-4 cm in height
High- For men and women who prefer high pillow.
73*37 width depth 5-6 cm in height
Material (Cover)
Surface: polyester 100%.
Bottom: cotton 100%.
Inside: cotton 100%
polyethylene and elastomer
Patents 3112865, 3124994, Patent pending

Coverring for KM03J

Pile Fabric-cotton 100%

  • Pile Fabric-cotton 100%
  • Beige
  • Pink
  • Blue

Knitted-cotton 100%

  • knitted-cotton 100%
  • Beige
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Ivory

Imabari Towel cover for KM03J

KM03J meets Imabari towel. This towel is made in the biggest towel manufacturing cities, Imabari city, Ehime prefecture, Japan. This locally
manufactured traditional towel adds warmth to the high quality sleeping experience already provided by KM03J.

Surface cotton 100%
Bottom cotton 80%, polyester 20%

Instruction and Warnings

KM03J is structured with four partitions (A, B, C, and D). Each subsection has its own zipper for height adjustment. Through your own fine-tuned adjustments, make KM03J your own pillow.

Please use the pillow in these directions
On your back, please use the center area
On your side, please use the side areas.
How to check for the right height of your pillow
To ensure that your pillow is set at the correct height for you,
check at two points: on your back and your side.
If possible, we recommend you have another person help you check the side.
On your back
□ Your jaw is facing up. You are feeling pressure on your neck → B is too high.
□ Your jaw is facing down. Wrinkles are formed around your neck → B is too low.
□ The back of your head is up → Either A is too high or B is too low.
□ The back of your head is down → Either A is too low or B is too high.
On your side
□ Your head is up → C is too high.
□ Your head is down → C is too low
Instruction for adjustment
Use funnels and measurement spoons to remove, little by little, materials inside. Please make sure to assess pillow
height occasionally by laying on it. To measure the amount necessary to shift one size down, please refer to the figure
below. (using a 200ml cup to shift one size down)

We spend about one third of our lifetime sleeping. In order to get the wonderful sleep we all need, it is necessary to take a good care of your pillow. We recommend occasional hand wash and drying under the sun so that you can experience the comfortable sleep you desire.

Instruction for washing
Use funnels and measurement spoons to remove, little by little, materials inside. Please make sure to assess pillow
height occasionally by laying on it. To measure the amount necessary to shift one size down, please refer to the figure
below. (using a 200ml cup to shift one size down)
□ If you have some problem with your neck and/or head, please consult your primary physician prior to using the product.
□ Deep the product away from fire.
□ Keep the product away from babies and toddlers.
□ If you are storing the product for a long time, please do not place any heavy item on the pillow.
□ If you use the product for a long time, it might change its color. Color change will not influence its usage.
□ The product has a three-year lifetime.
Made in Japan.
Stitching, cutting out, and finishing are all done in the factory in Japan.
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