ninehours "Pursing a new sleeping space" x Kitamura Makura "Thinking about good sleep for 90 years"

9h is internationally known for innovating a new category of lodging: The “transit stay—a short stay in an urban setting”. In order maximize our customer’s satisfaction, 9h has applied its unique design philosophy not only to the exterior of the capsule but also to its interior accessories. All the stylish rooms in nine hours are equipped with the “gymnast-plus” of Kitamura Makura, Japan, specially remodeled to blend seamlessly with the ninehours’ elegantly designed and functional, next generation capsule units. Please indulge yourself in sleeping well and stylishly with this collaborative product of the two companies, on the pillow that intersects with the two noble pursuits of essences in life: good sleep and resting space.

W88×H47cm  W34.6/H18.5 in.  Low 2-3cm/0.8-1.2 in.
Middle 3-4cm/1.2-1.57 in.  *The height is not adjustable
Side & Top: Polyester 100% Bottom:Cotton 100%
Cotton 100%
Polyethylene / Elastomeric pipes
approx.2.5kg /5.5lb
Gray(pillow & cover)
Made in Japan

“ninehours” is the new generation of the transit stay, produced by the energetic and up-and-coming design team, design studio S, led by Fumie Shibata. Finding their pursuit of designing “a new urban resting space” to be in perfect synergy with Kitamura Japan with its 90-year-old legacy of Japanese pillow ‘Makura’ making, we joined forces to materialize the innovative sleeping space of ninehours. However, our state of art gymnast-plus did not fit well with the unique and groundbreaking space of ninehours, which demanded us to reconsider and reconstruct the design of our pillow. Inch by inch, through the repeated, painstaking adjustments and readjustments to reproduce its fundamental functionality, we finally completed redesigning the gymnast-plus for ninehours. We are grateful to hear that the more and more ninehours users have found this special pillow desirable since the grand opening of 9hours in Kyoto in 2009 and Narita International Airport in 2013. Responding to the increasing requests from our dear customers, in the summer of 2015 we are making the special gymnast-plus available to fashion your home space.